RESIDÈNCIA: "De Ateliers" a Amsterdam

DE ATELIERS (Amsterdam)
Termini de presentació: 1 de febrer de 2015

"De Ateliers offers unique opportunities for talented artists to develop their work on the highest level. We offer large private studios, inspiring visits by prominent artists and art professionals, as well as technical assistance, within a stimulating, international working environment. A residency at De Ateliers lasts two years. In 2015, ten studios will become available.

You can now apply to participate in De Ateliers artists residency starting September 1, 2015.

Application is open to artists at the beginning of their professional career. Artists under 30 years of age are preferred. Older artists are also welcome to apply.

Portfolios will be selected by tutor artists of De Ateliers. Portfolios from Dutch artists and artists based in the Netherlands will be considered by De Ateliers in collaboration with the Mondriaan Fund. The Mondriaan Fund supplies bursaries to artists who wish to participate in De Ateliers.

All artists admitted receive a grant, a private studio, weekly studio visits with renowned artists and theoreticians, and have access to workshops, library, artist's talks, administration services, et cetera."

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