CONVOCATÒRIA per exposar a OpenART 2015

OpenART (Scandinavia's biggest public art biennial)
Termini de presentació: 14 de desembre de 2014
Tarifa de presentació: 25€

OpenART is open to all artists, in all stages of their careers and in most disciplines

"Do you want to exhibit your artwork on an unconventional scene, open to visitors day and night, for an entire summer? Do you want your art to receive great media coverage? Are you interested in becoming one of the fantastic 40 to be on everyone's lips for at least a festival season?

OpenART 2015 is what makes all this, and so much more, a beautiful reality, where art is wittily staged in the public realm.

After four successful editions, OpenART has turned its host city, Örebro, into an exciting meeting place for artists and art aficionados all over the world. In 2015, OpenART commits once again to turning the city upside down, with artworks that will surprise, inspire and provoke."

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